• Wilson A2K Throwback December Glove of the Month!

    The A2K is the most premium baseball glove available from Wilson. The top 5% of Pro Stock hides are triple sorted for consistency and flawlessness, resulting in the softest and most durable ball glove leather. Pro Stock Select Leather and Rolled Dual Welting work together to provide the same core benefit, a long lasting glove that breaks in faster than ever.

    Featuring the Pedroia Fit, the Wilson Throwback A2K DP15 December Glove of the Month is perfect for the middle infielder with smaller hands or those looking for a more snug fit. The A2K DP15 includes rolled dual welting for a quicker break in, and double X laces to secure the H-web to the pocket. Just like Dustin's glove, the heel felt is removed to allow you to better feel the ball.


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